Lightstone Echo MBR- Best Panelbeaters in SA results - 2019!


Which Panel Beaters provide the best service to their customers in South Africa? And which are most likely to be recommended for fixing the car right the first time, fixing the car on time, who is the most professionalism and who rates best for friendliness?

A vehicle repair is rarely an enjoyable experience; whether it’s a scratch and dent patch-up, hail damage or a more serious accident your car is undoubtedly one of your biggest assets and now it’s damaged. Hard to be happy about that.

For the past 15 years Lightstone Consumer has been measuring customer satisfaction for the premier motor body repairers in South Africa. We process over 40 000 vehicle repair records every month; that’s 40 000 owners going through a challenging difficult time. It’s the panel beater’s job to get the job done, get it done right the first time and on time. Being professional, courteous and friendly to deliver a satisfied customer.

Until recently of the biggest challenges in ranking any product or service is that the data used to construct the ratings can be quite variable in terms of sample sizes. One product may only have been reviewed by a handful of customers, where another product may already have thousands of reviews. Intuitively, as well as statistically, the rating obtained from the sample with the higher number of reviews is more trustworthy than the sample with only a handful of customers. This problem has been successfully addressed by making use of Bayesian statistical methods and multilevel models and is today used by leading businesses such as Amazon and Google for their product and service review ratings, IMDb for their Top Movie rankings, Microsoft for their TrueSkill™ video game player rankings and Glicko chess player ratings.

Lightstone Consumer has applied these methods to the data gathered, over many years, for more that 700 panel beaters in South Africa. This results in ratings and rankings across multiple dimensions that are accurate stable and trustworthy. These ratings and rankings will be updated every three months.

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Best Panel Beaters in South Africa

Get feedback from the people who touch your business?

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Posted on Aug 02, 2023 by Panel Beater Directory

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