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This call centre must be called in case of police emergencies. This is a 24-hour crime reporting call centre that deals with complaints by the public. The calls can be made on a landline - these calls are free, or from a cell phone, which are charged at the normal cell phone rates. All calls to the centre are recorded. Dial 10111 only in emergencies. For less serious complaints and general enquiries, call the nearest police station.

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The National Emergency Management Service is 10 177 (dial 112 from a mobile phone). These Emergency numbers can be called 24 hours a day from anywhere in South Africa. Calls are generally answered within a few seconds, and trained operators are available to deal with any emergency issues. At least one medical doctor is generally stationed at the call-centre 24 hours a day who is proficient with trauma and emergency medicine.  In urban areas, emergency response times are around 15 minutes. In rural areas, response times can be up to 40 minutes to an hour.

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084 124 Safeguard your life and the lives of your family members by ensuring that when you need it, you will always be able to get real help real fast.  In an emergency, time is of the essence, and ER24 will save you valuable time by dispatching the closest and most appropriate emergency resource, providing life-saving treatment, and transporting their patients to the nearest most suitable medical facility.  A single phone call to 084 124 can save a life today!

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As one of the largest Emergency Medical Service Providers in the world, Netcare 911 prides itself on offering fully integrated and efficient turnkey solutions to patients in crisis situations. Our core competence encompasses world-class emergency medical assistance, evacuation by road or air transportation, telephonic medical advisory services and a range of innovative products coupled with extensive management expertise thus, mitigating risk on behalf of our clients.

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With Accident Manager, a single call to our 24-hour emergency call centre activates immediate and professional towing, medical and legal assistance. Accident Manager combines a host of emergency services to ensure that all aspects of a motor vehicle accident are managed proactively and cost-effectively. On average, the Accident Manager handles over 8,000 motor vehicle accidents every year.

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Helivac’s evacuation and rescue service provide a one-stop emergency medical solution. Helivac’s primary goal is to provide accident or trauma victims with an unsurpassed round-the-clock advanced emergency rescue service. Access to a countrywide network of ambulances, medical evacuation helicopters and highly experienced medical teams puts Helivac at the forefront of EMS service delivery. In addition to its extensive road coverage, Helivac specialises in delivering aviation-trained doctors, paramedics and advanced medical equipment to the scene of an emergency by helicopter in order to treat and then medically transport a seriously ill or injured patient to a trauma centre where trained trauma counsellors deal compassionately and expertly with victims.

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The Emergency on-call information pages are the Web Directories Group's contribution to saving lives and improving road safety across the regions of Southern Africa!

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* Service providers are welcome to call Web Directories anytime to update - or add service displays. Web Directories have no financial interest in the process other than contributing towards road safety and saving lives across all regions of our beautiful region! Your contribution is important.


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