Black Friday, Every day, In every Panel shop, Nationwide!

These extra Parts, Spares & Equipment:

  • Tie-down cashflow!
  • The impact turnaround time to complete repairs
  • Fill up expensive storage space!

The solution - the Panelbeaters Directory "BUY & SELL" PLATFORM

Our Featured Membership and contracted suppliers, now have the exclusive ability to:

  • Sell online 24/7, directly to other Panelshops & the motoring public!
  • Release capital and cash flow
  • Find & Buy Parts, Spares & Equipment fast
  • Upload an unlimited number of Parts, Spares & Equipment
  • Immediate, 24/7 exposure to 1921 other panel shops!
  • Immediate, 24/7 exposure to ‘000 daily public- and industry professionals!
  • Manage all aspects yourself, of a listing online, 24/7
  • NO 3d parties! Direct contact between buyers & sellers.
  • Accountability - Secure trading environment: Only Featured (Contracted)  Panelshops & Accredited Suppliers can sell
  • No extra cost other than the agreed monthly membership fee


  • Log into the exclusive Owners Portal with a secure Username & Password.
  • Click on the “Sell My Parts & Equipment” button in either the Menu or Dashboard sections.
  • Upload an unlimited number of Parts & Equipment.
  • Upload image/s, Youtube Video, or direct photo/s with your smartphone.
  • Edit or Cancel item/s sold in the same section.
  • 24/7 access with an immediate update.
  • Published to all registered Panelshops using the exclusive Owners Portal.
  • Publish to other Panelshops and the ‘000 daily users of the Directory Service.
  • No extra cost – direct contact from prospective buyers, no 3d parties.


  • Log into the exclusive Owners Portal.
  • Click on “Buy Parts & Equipment “ in the Menu or Dashboard section.
  • Search through Quick Search or Filter per Category.
  • Click on the “BUY” button for full description and Sellers' contact info.
  • Contact & negotiate with Seller directly
  • Or visit the Panelbeaters Directory homepage and click on the "BUY & SELL" button.


  • NO extra cost to our subscribed members.
  • Direct contact & negotiation with buyers – no 3d party cost.
  • Minimize the risk - only accredited members of the Panelbeaters Directory and contracted industry suppliers can upload & manage Parts & Equipment for sale.
  • Manage all items uploaded & sold, online in the Owners Portal - immediate update, 24/7.
  • This is an information service only – the Panelbeaters Directory has NO financial interest or influence on the process or resulting transactions.
  • FUP (Fair Usage Policy) applies. Management reserves the right to moderate any abuse of the system on an individual basis.


  • >> CLICK HERE for a list of membership benefits, online application, and quick access!
  • Only Panelbeater businesses are eligible for membership.
  • Reputable industry suppliers are welcome to contact us to discuss how your product offering can benefit our members.
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Posted on Mar 05, 2021 by Panel Beater Directory

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