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A Business CSI score is a dynamic tool, that indicates the present level @ which the customer’s service expectation, will be met!

Lightstone EchoMBR is the Industry leader in CSI Measurement. They process +40 000 vehicle repair records every month. Accurate assessments are done in real-time, according to multiple criteria. Reporting dashboards are automatically updated daily, providing real-time feedback. Negative responses are automatically escalated to enable effective resolution.

Industry Professionals, Organizations, and Vehicle Owners, as users of the Panelbeaters Directory, gain access to these Scorecards to:

  • Gain Insight - how a specific service provider delivers on expectations.
  • Compare Industry benchmarks- before choosing a service provider in an area.
  • Keep Service Providers accountable. 

Example of a scorecard:


Example of early visibility to a user whilst searching for the best service provider on a City or Suburb level:


Lightstone Echo MBR Members, who also subscribe as Featured Members of the Panelbeaters Directory (PBD), have access to an exclusive OWNERS PORTAL where they:

  • Enjoy an instant eagle view of the EchoMBR, CSI results, in 8 service focus areas, as well as the LS Key Attribute Index Score (KAI).
  • Get these results published to their public-facing online profile in the PBD, for the benefit /insight of their prospective clients and industry users (e.g. OEM’s, Insurers, Brokers, Call Centres & Assessors) that choose service providers on a daily basis!
  • Then make this mobile-friendly tool available to all their nominated management and other staff, to focus and motivate service excellence in the CSI domain.

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2021 Insights & Stats:

+80 % of vehicle owners must find a solution themselves, after an accident.

+90 % will “google” solutions and compare quotations.

+99 % are forced to sanitize and distance themselves from direct contact.

*2013 is the year the online Panelbeaters Directory was established, trusted by thousands of vehicle owners and industry users, to find solutions, saving time & money.

+1997 Panel beater business profiles in the independent PBD.

+27 million page views to date

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2020 Lightstone EchoMBR Awards - Current Industry Champions with bragging rights!

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Posted on Aug 02, 2023 by Panel Beater Directory

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