Your Online Profile is your virtual shopfront!


Thriving in the post lockdown world of 2021 is possible! 

Membership with the Panel Beater Directory ensures that your service offering is at the fingertips of every decision-maker, from the Insurance boardroom, the OEM technical office, to the +80% vehicle owners nationwide, who must find a reputable repair themselves! Unlocking business opportunities and cost-effective repairs for all.

The Connected Car is here!

The Covid 19 Lockdown rapidly hastened the “move to mobility" assisted by Smartphone technology that can find our information, anywhere on the planet in real-time. With over 39 million page views this Industry Specific and proudly South African initiative, promotes the professional image of +1987 modern Repair Specialists aka Panelbeaters across Southern Africa.


Workshops and staff are in crises, lockdowns and infections force temporary or permanent closure. Jobseekers upload their information that becomes available to business owners in the Owners Portal - confidentially and at no cost to anyone.


R2R (Right to Repair)

From 01 July 2021, South African motorists, are rightfully empowered to have their vehicles Serviced, Maintained, and Repaired at a workshop of their choice! Businesses must ensure that accurate and reliable information is available ON-LINE if they are to survive and thrive.

Update online information instantly 24/7

Members have access through a world-class owner’s portal to communicate all relevant information and navigation detail as it changes. 

Membership  in the Panel Beaters Directory is the most cost-effective and immediate action Management can take to align their business goals with our online capabilities. The Sign-up Process is online and you will be equiped with immediate access once processed!



Posted on Aug 02, 2023 by Panel Beater Directory

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