03 May 2023 Fuel Prices in every South African City & Town

Get all the up-to-date Retail Fuel prices now in every town & city nationwide:

PETROL PRICES are highly regulated with monthly changes due to volatility of the Rand exchange rate, international fuel prices, and supply and demand. The region is also divided into zones for coastal and inland areas to compensate for distribution cost differentiation. The Fuel Directory provides instant information to motorists to identify the time and distance to the cheapest and brand-specific petrol.

DIESEL PRICES is regulated on the wholesale level only. This enables Fuel stations to compete on factors such as price, quality, and location. The Fuel Directory publishes the official wholesale  + 15% recommended Retail Margin as a price. Each participating Fuel Station can update its actual retail prices accordingly. This enables drivers to instantly compare these factors to ensure the most cost-effective decision whilst keeping an eye on the convenience store offering at every location. 

Fuel Prices 03May2023

Posted on Aug 02, 2023 by Panel Beater Directory

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