Panel Shops repairing Commercial Vehicle - Natsure offer

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First published in RISK AFRICA Magazine  08Febr2017


Natsure HCV & Commercial recently announced a new Truck Hire option.

A truck tractor can be leased for a period of 30 days during when afleetowners damaged vehicle is being repaired after an accident. The cover will not replace the loss of use cover which is still available under an existing insurance policy.

Natsure’s already wide ranging product bouquet is particualry suited to smaller fleet owners of five trucks or less. For these owners, all of their vehicles are constantly on the road leaving them without a backup vehicle in the event that one is damaged or involved in an accident. This cover will give the insured piece of mind should these unforeseen events happen says Curtis Davey, HCV managing director at Natsure.

The product would also be suited to owner drivers where the truck tractor is the only source of income generation and could cause the owner to lose a contract due to non-delivery.

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