Panel Shop Insure is a flagship commercial insurance product tailor made for panel beaters and driven by the reputable broker network of FSP Solutions.

FSP Solutions has partnered with Web Directories to assist with tailor made insurance products for all their commercial clients such as Panel Beaters, Auto Service Centres, Towing Services and other. FSP Solutions has a very large footprint as RSA’s largest independent insurance administrator and with over 800 brokers countrywide they can provide reputable insurance services anywhere in South Africa.

Certain FSP Solutions brokers have been mandated to offer flagship tailor maid products exclusively to the web directories members. If you qualify for our flagship products as available through one of our approved and mandated brokers, you may even receive a “cash back” or get your monthly Web Directory membership fees free!

FSP Solutions can offer very competitive premiums with all leading insurers but with the added benefit that all policy administration and claims handling happens in one place. Therefore great premiums, cover options and service guaranteed, all in one place.

Through assisting so many clients over the years, we have noticed that many Panel Beaters do not have the right and adequate cover. The specialist sections of motor internal and external is often misunderstood and this can lead to clients perceiving to have more cover than what they actually have and overpaying on these assumed benefits. Give us the opportunity to evaluate your current product and pricing.    

 All we need from you is: 

Send us a short message via email to    We will respond immediately with a reputable broker, contracted to Panelshop Insurance in your area. Please make sure you have a copy of your most recent policy schedule available.