Ray Giese's Body Shop

Panel Beaters in King Williams Town , South Africa



The Motor Body Repair business was founded by Don Giese in 1960 during a long relationship with Volkswagen South Africa as a VW dealership owner.It was during this period that the need to extend their service to their customers through accident repairs was identified. After a great success Don decided to appoint his son, Ray Giese, to manage the entire Body Repair operations, with his wife Moira taking on the responsibility of office administration. Prior to his new task, Ray has always applied his aptitude and desire for the Motor Trade in the following capacities: Qualified Motor Mechanic, Senior Vehicle Sales, Vehicle Sales Director for new and used vehicles. He achieved the highest performance accolades in every position he held. Ray is still leading his team at the Body Shop although with the support of a manager who has a wealth of experience in this area. In striving to stay true to its Vision, the company has achieved B-BBEEE Level-2 Compliance.


Most of our employees have been working for the company for over 10 years and the reason for this achievement is thata great deal is put in to ensure employee satisfaction through compensation, work conditions, relationships as well as employee facilities All employees are permanently employed and outsourcing of
work is kept to a minimum as we believe that our employees should be the beneficiaries of any additional opportunities to earn extra income


24 HOUR ACCESS TO STORAGE YARD -  Control Room: 053 642 3620