Status Panel & Spray

Panel Beaters in Johannesburg, Selby , South Africa


Status Auto-body Restorers was established in 1985 in Johannesburg, South Africa by founder Chris Stonley and has been in business for the past 24 years. During May 2009, we commenced negotiating the purchase of Status Auto-body Restores and in June 2009, we purchased the assets . This acquisition saw the birth of Status Panel and Spray a 100% Black-owned company. Our purpose and intention is to continue to provide the service as originally set down by the esteemed pioneers, Status Auto-body Restores and to continually improve and surpass your expectations in the Panel-Beating Industry. Status Panel and Spray operates as a leading panel-beating and spray painting concern, situated at 20 John Street, Selby, Johannesburg.


Status Panel and Spray, is a leading Panel and Spray Painting Company that serves,accredited vehicle manufacturers, motor institutions, insurance companies, fleet owners and the general public. Our mission is to build Long-Term relationships with our clients. With their support we aim to maximize the potential of our business through a combination of enhanced quality services , innovative pricing and cost efficiency and migrating our customers to new and innovative products and services. Our purpose is to earn a loyal consumer-relationship through our continual efforts to provide quality workmanship. To our clients we dedicate our commitment to provide service excellence, uphold the highest ethical and moral standards of our profession with integrity and reject any form of discrimination. We will continually strive to meet all challenges placed before us to meet all expectations as well as to strive to perfect the delivery and implementation processes set out by our industry.