AOL 199 Chassis Straightening Bench Basic for Sale

The AOL199 tilting hydraulic platform lifting assembly allows for easy mounting and dismounting of vehicles

AOL 199 Chassis Straightening Bench Basic

Total Price: R0.00
Part Type: Equipment and Tools
Part Make: Alignment & Chassis Straightening
Part Model: Chassis Straightening Benches / Frame Machines / Racks
Year Model: 2020
Part Number: AOL199

Contact Name: Alex Lenaerts
Cell Number: 0824199616
Tel Number: 011 444 6454
Supplier: Aer-o-cure
Address: 8 Lees Avenue, Wynberg, Sandton,Gauteng, 2090

• The robust rectangular tube platform features 6mm thick steel with a multitude of convenient mounting point holes

• Wheel-mounted pulling towers move 360º around the outer frame

• Main clamps feature a unique spiral movement and are fully height-adjustable

• Main clamp jaws fasten with only two screws making for quick and efficient 

securing of vehicles

• All tools are forged and heat-treated for a long, hard-wearing life

• Strong and durable hydraulic pumps, easily serviceable

Posted on Nov 22, 2020 by Aer-o-cure

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