Daisy Wheel System with Heating System- BASF Brands for Sale

All in One fully automated dosing system designed for the automotive finishing aftermarket industry.

Daisy Wheel System with Heating System- BASF Brands

Total Price: R0.00
Part Type: Equipment and Tools
Part Make: Paint Shop - Paint Room Equipment
Part Model: Daisy Wheel Systems
Year Model: 2020
Part Number: DW-MCBA1016

Contact Name: Alex Lenaerts
Cell Number: 0824199616
Tel Number: 011 444 6454
Email: alex@aerocure.co.za
Supplier: Aer-o-cure
Address: 8 Lees Avenue, Wynberg, Sandton,Gauteng, 2090

  • Dosing Precision - Precise and repeatable dispensing, The right colour every time!
  • Maximized Paint Conservation - Drastically reduce evaporation. No coagulation linked to air contact meaning less paint loss and better quality.
  • Time Savings - lets the operator know the exact remaining paint levels.
  • Optimized working conditions - A more comfortable and secure working environment as the physical contact with the paint is reduced!
  • Environmentally friendly - Less paint wasted. Less mess. Fewer solvents to clean up. 
  • Compact - Less than 1 cubic meter. Takes up to 70% less space than existing traditional machines

Posted on Mar 18, 2021 by Aer-o-cure

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