Aer-o-cure Spray-booth Combination Oven for Vehicles for Sale

Combination Downdraught Spray Booths are designed for automotive refinishers that demand a reliable, high-quality paint process with minimum running costs

Aer-o-cure Spray-booth Combination Oven for Vehicles

Total Price: R180000.00
Part Type: Equipment and Tools
Part Make: Paint Shop - Spray Booths
Part Model: Spray Booth - Complete
Year Model: New
Part Number: AC75-2800

Contact Name: Alex Lenaerts
Cell Number: 0824199616
Tel Number: 011 444 6454
Supplier: Aer-o-cure
Address: 8 Lees Avenue, Wynberg, Sandton,Gauteng, 2090

The Aer-o-cure Spray Booth Combination Oven with EPA for 30,000 cubic m/h, standard vehicle configurations are:

4,5m / 6m / 7,5m / 9m long 

2,8m or 3,4m high

Internal 4m wide.

Aer-o-cure Spray Booth solutions are manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa and are available in many configurations, contact Aer-o-cure for expert advise on selecting the best solution for your application.

The powerful downdraft ventilation system guarantees a healthy working environment and optimal conditions for painting, removing all vehicle overspray immediately and ensuring a mirror-perfect finish after baking. 

Minimising energy usage during both the painting and baking cycles is a high priority and is achieved through precisely controlling the motor’s speed via Microprocessor controlled frequency drive inverters. Energy-saving neon lighting is utilised to provide uniform conditions allowing for correct colour tones to be achieved with absolute precision. 

Pricing starts from R 180,000.00 ex VAT

Posted on Mar 18, 2021 by Aer-o-cure

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