Car-O-Liner EVO 3 Universal Fixture for Sale

EVO 3 - A new universal system for anchoring, measuring, and holding.

Car-O-Liner EVO 3 Universal Fixture

Total Price: R0.00
Part Type: Equipment and Tools
Part Make: Bodyshop - Anchors, Clamps, Brackets and Pullers
Part Model: Holding & Anchors
Year Model: New
Part Number: EVO3 35719
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Contact Name: Alex Lenaerts
Cell Number: +27824199616
Tel Number: 011 444 6454
Supplier: Aer-o-cure
Address: 8 Lees Avenue, Wynberg, Sandton,Gauteng, 2090

Minimum components – maximum profit with EVO

A leading body shop focuses on craftsmanship, equipment, and design when it comes to aligning and repairing modern vehicles. That’s why Car-O-Liner offers EVO - a new universal system for anchoring, measuring, and holding. EVO is based on modern modularity. A system in three parts with few components where each component can be assembled with the others in a multitude of configurations. EVO combined with your craftsmanship can handle every imaginable anchoring and fixturing situation. The EVO systems work superbly on their own, but to derive maximum benefit they can be integrated with the Car-O-Tronic electronic measuring system and Vision X3 software package.

Works like magic – transform hours into earnings.

EVO 3 is made for building a fixture to hold new body parts in place when welding and bonding. When combined with EVO 1 and 2, and supported by the 
Car-O-Tronic Vision X3 electronic measuring system, the equipment works on all vehicle models.

EVO 3 includes:

  • Adjustable fixture heads
  • Lockable universal joints
  • Lock handle
  • All-purpose mini clamp for frame rails
  • Inner fenders and strut towers

Posted on Nov 24, 2020 by Aer-o-cure

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