Gilbertsons Auto Body Business Info

B-BBEE Levels: Level 8
Hollard Approval: 25565
CRA Membership: 19963
ToyotaCare: 09110601
Lightstone Registration: 573
MIBCO Number: CH81377NR
VAT Number: 4380109944
Business Registration Number: 1990/003813/23

More About Gilbertsons Auto Body

Company History

Gilbertsons Panelbeaters was founded and managed within the Delta group which was established in 1922.

During 1980’s, Gilbertsons Panelbeaters was bought out from the Delta group by now seasoned business man Mr. JH Moulder whom started his panel beating career for the company in the early 70’s.

After purchasing the business Mr. Moulder and his team started expanding on the already well known service levels. An increase in clientele was experienced soon after and has increased ever since with minimal dissatisfaction.

Now in 2013, 33 years after being privatised from the Delta group, the business is still expanding its horizons with a dynamic team of qualified and experienced staff, with their main focus on absolute customer centricity, diligence and high end quality deliverance to ensure a constant growth in the company.  

Mission Statement

Gilbertsons Panelbeaters aims at providing exceptional service through high end workmanship, friendly and focused customer service and a high level of quality control through diligence and timeous  completion of all work performed by our much valued team members while adhering to a strict waste management and health and safety plan.

Special Grading and Ratings

As a registered member of the RMI as well as SAMBRA, we are currently graded as a Major Structural Repairer.

Service Offering

Gilbertsons has over the past few years incorporated various ideas into the internal structure to elevate the level service delivery in an effort to increase our clients’ level of satisfaction.

The company in its own is constantly pushing the boundaries on service offering. With the successful implementation of a roadside assistance wing in 2009 the company now boasts with various towing and roadside assistance contracts of which the largest clients are The Automobile Association of SA, Outsurance, Europ 

Assistance and International SOS.

Gilbertsons currently holds a roadside fleet comprising of a 5 ton rollback with a wheel lift, an 8 ton rollback, 2 sling back recovery vehicles and a 3 ton vehicle trailer. A lock up, security monitored, storage facility with a 60 vehicle capacity (30 covered and 30 uncovered) is available for all deliveries on a 24 hour basis.
A brand new addition to the company is a fully operational Mechanical wing enabling the company to completely fulfil in just about every need of the client. The newly established wing will be able 

I.Major & Minor services.

II.Major mechanical repairs to engines and drivetrains (Gearbox, Side shafts, CV’s etc.)

III.Suspension overhauls including refurbishment of Polymer bushes.

IV.Brake system Overhauling (Including “On-Vehicle Disk Scheming”)

V.Exhaust System repairs and rebuilds VI.Toe alignment on all vehicles

All equipment used in the repair process conforms to the highest standards of all our approvals. This ensures our exceptional workmanship and allows us to maintain our 36 month warranty on all work perfomed.

As we strictly follow the guidelines set out by our OEM approvals, we strive to maintain a zero environmental impact policy and therefore ensure proper waste dispossal with no more than 7 day’s waste buildup on the premises and also implemented the sole use of water bourne paint which means a zero chemical footprint arises from our repair process. 

Through the use of this paint as manufactured by Standox, we are able to offer a lifetime warranty on the paint to our clients.

5. Staffing

Gilbertsons Panelbeaters employs a dedicated team of quality driven and diligent individuals whom all share a unified goal of growth through exceptional service. There are currently 38 highly skilled team members of which 5 are fully qualified artisans in their respective trades. 

The staff members employed by us are constantly trained in new products and standards to ensure maximum work performance and quality service delivery. Constant In-house training and couching also ensures that all team members are skiled in every aspect of their related tasks which form part of the operational requirments forming part of the business structure.

With our internal focus on skills development we have undertaken the training of various CBMT tradesmen on a constant basis with the 1st CBMT apprentice already completing his panelbeating level one test early in January 2013. The Apprentice Training Program has been initiated in cooperation with MERSETA which will allow us to add an apprentice every year to our team. Further training programs such as the “Scarce & Critical Skills” development program and the MERSETA/ UIF Joint venture program will ensure an additional 6 CBMT artisans, 1 ATRAMI apprentice and at least 4 scarce and critical students are taken under our wing in an effort to positively impact our local communities.