Interbilt Truck Repairs

Interbilt Truck Repairs

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Street Address: Plot 249, Willie Road, Nestpark, Bapsfontein, Gauteng, 1510

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Jaco van Zyl Managing Director 0119641108
Zander Walters General Manager 0825678444

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Postal Address: PO Box 109, Bapsfontein, Gauteng, 1510

GPS Coordinates: 25°59'55.5"S 28°26'49.8"E

B-BBEE Levels: Level 4

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About Us

"Quality Through Excellence"   - A Word from our Managing Director

Welcome to Interbilt Truck Repairs (Pty) Ltd a division of the Route Management Group. This publication is dedicated to provide you with as much information as possible regarding Interbilt Truck Repairs (Pty) Ltd. The purpose is to allow for better understanding of what we as an organisation stand for and pride ourselves on. It will also create a clear image of our values, beliefs, services and value proposition and help us further differentiate ourselves from our competition. Interbilt Truck Repairs (Pty) Ltd started with a feeling back in 1999. I identified a gap it the market and together with our investors dedicated a proportion of monetary and personal resources towards the establishment and building of the company. Since our inception we have attained steady growth, and today we are recognised as a leading firm within the commercial vehicle repair industry. We are now a member of the largest commercial vehicle network in South Africa. For us it is a privilege to be associated with company Route Management Group. Our vision is to experience constant growth in the coming years and push the envelope. We are making good strides in de-commoditising the industry, and growing our market share. Our offices comprise of a diverse and dedicate work team with a common goal. We all share the same vision, we spend a considerable amount of time speaking and listening to current and prospective customers. This helps us to better understand and fully appreciate the true value of their needs and expectation, and enables us to deliver innovative and customised solutions to every unique need and exceed customer satisfaction. At Interbilt Truck Repairs (Pty) Ltd we ensure service delivery of the highest order due to our customer-centred approach, attention to detail and dedication for perfection. We are able to achieve such feats though our workmanship, in-house technologies, equipment, resources and experience. I hope that in reading the sections that follow wil provoke the same level of enthusiasm and stimulate interest and confidence regarding our business, people and services. We live and breathe our business mantra: “Quality Through Excellence.”  Yours sincerely  Mr. Jaco van Zyl - Managing Director: Interbilt Truck Repairs (Pty) Ltd

About Interbilt Truck Repairs (Pty) Ltd

 ​Interbilt Truck Repairs (Pty) Ltd was established in South Africa in 1999. Today we are a member of the largest commercial vehicle network in South Africa and the rest of Africa. As an organisation, Interbilt Truck Repairs (Pty) Ltd has established itself as a leading figure in the commercial auto body and commercial vehicle industry. We specialise in commercial vehicle recovery, towing, repairs and customisation. Interbilt Truck Repairs (Pty) Ltd has managed to maintain a level of flexibility over time and we constantly explore and pursue new lucrative market segments within the commercial vehicle industry. A number of these opportunities will allow us to revolutionise the commercial vehicle industry within South Africa and even the rest of the African continent. Over the lifespan of Interbilt Truck Repairs we have managed to stay true to our humble roots, and maintained stern business ethics, flexibility and a level of innovation. We acknowledge our customers as individuals, because each customer is seen and acknowledged as an individual within our organisation, and the nature of the commercial vehicle industry we’ve had to rely on our flexibility and maintained a level of innovation to de-commoditise the industry, maintain our status and grow our market share. Our current list of customers varies from very large insurance providers to smaller individual customers. In 2011 we had in excess of 400 different customers. We specialise in ensuring extended commercial vehicle life and wellbeing, and we are a leading firm in the commercial vehicle recovery, towing & repair industry.

Interbilt Services

■ Specialised Equipment:
At Interbilt Truck Repairs we pride ourselves on our equipment. At our disposal we have some of the best machinery and technology in the industry, and in conjunction with our expertise and competent staff members, ensure that vehicles of the highest quality leave our premises every time.

■ Holistic truck and transport solution service provider:
Through our partnership in the Route Management Group and our other external partnerships we are able to cover every aspect within the commercial vehicle and beyond.

■ Extensive Coverage:
We have extensive coverage across the entire continent of Africa. Our coverage differentiates and sets us apart from the competition.

■ Consistency:
Dedicated work teams are assigned to focus solely on specific customers’ needs and requirements to ensure faster turn-around times and consistency in quality.

■ Geographical Location:

Interbilt Truck Repairs (Pty) Ltd is situated between five major highways in the Gauteng area. This enables convenient and swift accessibility for ourselves, our customers be it current or prospective and other stakeholders. The main highways we are situated in between are:

N1 N3​ N4 N12 R21

Business Goals and ambitions:

Through our services we offer and the high standard we offer them at, we aim to achieve our main business goals. These goals include:
Market penetration and product expansion,
Growth of customer and client base,
Training and development of staff,
Create customer lock-on,
Extend life and wellbeing of vehicles by prolonging and preserving,
Join in risk sharing with customers and clients.

As an organisation Interbilt Truck Repairs has a proven track record of success and excellent service delivery in the fields of commercial vehicle recovery, towing and repair. Through the delivery of services within these areas we have become one of the leading organisations within the commercial vehicle market segment. We have experience constant growth since our inception into the market and are currently exploring new segments within the commercial vehicle segment. We always strive to be the best and maintain strong customer relationships, bonds and affiliations.


Here at Interbilt Truck Repairs (Pty) Ltd we are extremely fortunate to have two state of the art facilities at our disposal. Both our facilities are in close proximity of each other. Our main facility specialises in the repairs of commercial vehicles, be is trucks (HCV) or busses, whereas our second facility specialises in the servicing of commercial vehicles and the repairs of trailers.

Within our two facilities we rely on industry leading and technologically advanced equipment, to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, and deliver final products and services to our customers of exceptional quality.  Our first facility was established in 1999 and consists of 3000 square metres of floor space. After experiencing considerable growth it was decided by the board of directors that there was a considerable need for a second facility to handle the influx of business and maintain our rapid growth. 

In 2007 after we became a member of the Route Management Group a second 6000 square metre state of the art facility, equipped with incomparable equipment was established. We acknowledge the fact that no two jobs will ever be the same, and our facilities are capable of handling any job or demand with ease. 

Thus at our disposal we have almost 10000 square meters within our two premises, with in excess of 35 working bays. We are in superior position to have a 15-Hectare enclosed storage facility with constant security. The facility can take a large number of vehicles and trailers, well in excess of 500 vehicles.

The following equipment and technologies can be found within our work space:

Josam and Hurricane
Chassis Straightening Jig
Cab and Aluminium-cab Jig
Jucai Air dryer
Jucai Compressor
Overhead Crane
4 Post Hoist
Hurricane Aerolite Spray booth with down draft and ovens   
Wheel and Steering-box alignment with roadside assistance and warranty
Imported riveting machine
Castolin Eutectic and Thermamax Welders
6x4 Recovery Vehicles
Stepdeck: 35 ton loading

Meet the Team

  • Johan Van Zyl

    Johan Van Zyl

    Managing Director