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Street Address: C/O Dick King Road & 06 Mercator Place,Wilsonia, East London, Eastern Cape, 5247

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Hansie van der Walt Admin Manager 0740984319 elegantsq.el@mweb.co.za
Willie Saunders Owner 0832762856 elegantsq@mweb.co.za
Katie Burger General Manager 0825261843 elegantsq.manager@outlook.com

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Postal Address: C/O Dick King Rd & 11 Mercator Place,Wilsonia, 5247

GPS Coordinates: 32°59'09.3"S 27°49'51.5"E

B-BBEE Levels: Level 7

ToyotaCare: 10071301

FixEezy Finance Option: STPB3

Lightstone SQS ID: 1135

VAT Number: 4170266540

Business Registration Number: 2009/194120/23

MIBCO Number: 2099950

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Accreditations & Approvals

About Us

 Welcome to Elegant Square Panelbeaters!



At Elegant Square Panelbeaters we take special pride in the work we undertake, which is carried out to the highest standards, and guaranteed for your peace of mind towards a modern, clean & environmentally friendly panel beating and spray painting shop. 

With the combination of quality repairs and our vast experience in the industry it has ensured our continued success. We guarantee a professional job at a competitive price. Our focus is to deliver a personal and friendly experience to all customers and to provide the highest quality of service possible with our state of the art repair facility. 

With only highly qualified tradesmen on site, we can handle any type of motor vehicle from minor scratches and rust repairs, up to major collision damage. We will ensure that all quotations are as accurate and comprehensive as possible. Repairs will be carried out to the highest standards required by SAMBRA and all Motor Manufacturers.

Elegant Square Panelbeaters currently employs 65 individuals. The team consist of:

  • Operational Managers.
  • Workshop & Marketing Managers.
  • Qualified Estimators.
  • Service Advisors.
  • Receptionists.
  • Debtor and Creditor Clerks.
  • Quality Control Managers – inspect completed vehicle according to a check list.
  • Trained and certified “A-Grade” Panel Beater’s in Chassis straightening bench & measuring system.
  • Full time “A-Grade” Panel Beater’s.
  • Full Time “A-Grade” Spray Painters.
  • Parts Managers and dedicated stock controllers.
  • First Aider on site.
  • SHE officers & Reps as per Occupational & Health requirements.
  • Skill Development Officers.

At Elegant Square Panelbeaters we offer you peace of mind with:

  • Auto Body Repairs – to a motor vehicle’s body by means of Panel beating and/or Spray painting.
  • Minor Body Repairs – Repairs that do not require any type of structural repair work or Panel beating to be done to the vehicle, including the repairs to minor dents, scratches, or damaged paintwork.
  • Automobile Association of SA – Quality assured repairs.  
  • Retail Motor Industry of SA – Accredited repairs.
  • Complete customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Sufficient safe parking for customers are available. Customer waiting area available. SQS SCI Survey’s conducted monthly.    
  • Vehicle storage enclosed area for vehicle’s awaiting assessment, repairs and parts.
  • Check Inn Vehicle Report – when receiving vehicle for repairs. Computerized Job Card system – Panel beat, parts and spray paint, polishing, cleaning etc. Mechanical Check list – Checked and signed as per journeymen. Quality Control Sheet – Repairs as per job card checked and completed.
  • SAMBRA – MSR (Major Structural Repairer). (SAMBRA - South African Motor Body Repairs Association)
  • BBBEE level 3 Contributor.
  • Member of RMI (Retail Motor Industry).

We here at Elegant Square Panelbeaters are creating an environment into which people want to come to get their vehicles repaired


We are proud to be approved and accredited repairers for the following reputable Insurance Companies and Underwriters. This means that in the unfortunate event of an accident, you are assured of the immediate attention of your Insurance Company professional assessment teams to expedite and authorize your claims.Should your insurance company not be listed above, we may still be able to assist you in processing your claim, please feel free to contact us to discuss this further.


Manufacturer Approvals program was implemented to not only protect our valued Customers but also the warranty system. The program allows the Customer, Insurance Companies and our Dealers to confidently choose us as an approved repairer where to have your vehicle repaired.

We as Approved Body Repairer are audited against a set of criteria to ensure we have the right equipment, facilities and qualified personnel. We as a approved body repairer must attend technical training courses, utilize the supplied body repair manuals and purchase & use only approved parts to ensure that each vehicle under warranty, is repaired back to manufacturer’s standards. We as a Approved Body Repairer are audited on an annual basis to ensure the standards and processes set are being maintained.

Manufacturers have the right to cancel a vehicle’s warranty should the correct process not be followed.

It is with the above in mind that I encourage you to only make use of an approved shop, as ourselves.


1.) Estimate

4.1) Panel beater, strip & fit

4.2) Paint preparation & paint shop

4.3) Paint shop

The refinishing process is when spray guns are used to apply coats of primer, basecoat (colour), and clear-coat to the vehicle. The refinish technician may apply the paint and coatings to the parts on or off the vehicle. If parts are refinished on the vehicle, adjacent areas are masked off using plastic and tape.

A paint code on the vehicle is used to identify the paint formula (colour) that the paint maker recommends. Many different tints are used to make the colour that is sprayed on the vehicle. Often a process called blending is used to create a uniform colour appearance. Paint distributors andpaint system manufacturer representatives supply the collision repair facility with the necessary refinish materials and offer technical support. 
The graphics and pinstripes on a vehicle may be painted or applied as a decal. Painted graphics are applied free-hand, or they are applied in a series of masking steps. Decals are applied after the paint has dried.

The vehicle is protected against corrosion before, during, and after the refinishing process. Corrosion resistant primers, seam sealers, and anti-corrosion compounds are used to help prevent the repaired area of the vehicle, as specified by manufacturer from rusting.

4.4) Panel beater / Assemble

The first area that will be repaired if necessary is the frame of the vehicle. Once the structural integrity of the vehicle is assured, the repair technicians move on to the non-structural parts of the vehicle. This includes door panels, bumpers and other exterior panels.

Non-structural repairs:

Almost every vehicle brought to a collision repair facility has some type of non-structural damage. A collision repair technician (panel beater) repairs damage to plastic, aluminium, and steel exterior panels. Major damage generally requires part replacement, but minor damage is typically repaired with hand tools and shaped to contour using body filler and sanders. Paint-less dent repair (PDR), which is removing damage without using body filler or paint, is another option for repairing minor damage.

Structural repairs:

Vehicles are built to certain specifications and repaired to tolerances ranging from 0-5 mm. A structural repair technician uses specific locations and three-dimensional measuring equipment to determine if the vehicle frame or chassis structure was damaged during a collision.

A vehicle that requires structural repairs is placed on a frame straightening rack or bench. Additional disassembly may be required to protect adjacent parts from damage or to access areas that require repair. The vehicle is anchored, and chains and hydraulic rams are used to accurately pull the frame or chassis structure back to specifications.

If structural parts cannot be straightened, the parts are fully or partially replaced following vehicle maker recommendations. Most steel structures are welded, but aluminium structures may be joined using a combination of welds, rivets, and adhesive.

Non-structural parts:

Including trim, it may be bolted, clipped, adhesively bonded, riveted, or welded onto the vehicle. To reduce the noise, vibration, and harshness, some vehicle makers use foam fillers between the panels. The headlamps are also aimed before the vehicle is returned to the customer.

4.5) Polishing

Collision repair paint are usually polished. Insurance Companies authorize polish to be applied to scratched panels if not repairable.

4.6) Cleaning

Customer’s vehicle are properly cleaned from front through to back – interior and outside.

4.7) Quality Control

The vehicle and repairs are also inspected and compared to the estimate.

5.) Client notification

“After the repairs has been done, the vehicle is properly cleaned and inspection done on the repaired work and compared to the estimate. Then only is the client notified that the repairs done on the vehicle is complete and the vehicle is ready for the customer/client to collect.

6.) Vehicle delivery

Customer inspects the repairs done as per quotation carried out. A clearance certificate must be signed, and if necessary, the excess needs to be paid, before the vehicle can be released. If no excess needs to be paid, only the clearance certificate to be signed and then the customer can take his/her vehicle. 


Our supplied SABS approved windscreens fit perfectly to ensure the structural integrity of the car is maintained in an accident. Your windscreen provides up to 30% of the vehicle’s structural strength and the passenger airbag relies on the windscreen to provide support if the airbag deploys.

Our guarantee covers: Leaks, delamination, and wind noise. It excludes, rust, UV damage and wear and tear. Tampering with windscreen in any manner will render the guarantee null and void. The guarantee is valid for as long as the vehicle owner owns the vehicle.

Tips on how to clean vehicle windscreens 

For difficult-to-remove grime, such as dried bird drippings, soap up the windshield/screen with a mild dish soap and warm water. Let it soak a while before wiping it off with a damp, non-abrasive sponge. Glass tinted with film is particularly challenging. Many household glass cleaners contain ammonia, which eats through the tint’s adhesive. Don’t use ammonia-based cleaners if you have tinted windows. Never use abrasive sponges on automotive glass, no matter how dirty they appear


Elegant Square Panelbeaters make use of the following products during a collision repair process:  

Glasurit Waterborne paints has been officially approved by numerous automotive manufacturers. The quality of Glasurit leaves nothing to be desired and has been proven in comprehensive tests and offers predictable processing, excellent colour shade accuracy and high efficiency.

Lifetime Warranty 

All automotive refinishing products manufactured by Glasurit are designed to match the appearance and performance of a vehicle's original paint work. This is why only those refinishers and paint shops committed to the highest quality workmanship are eligible for Lifetime Status. 
Together with its Lifetime Warranty partners, Glasurit offers this warranty - which covers all solid and basecoat clear formulations - on all re-painted areas of a customer's vehicle. In accordance with technological standards, spot-on colour matching and an excellent and durable finish is guaranteed.

Paint Mixing Room – Computerized electronic paint measuring scale and computer system

Paint thickness gauge – Measures ferrous / nonferrous substrates.

Compressor receiver - Fini screw, Refrigerated air dryer and air tank with pre- and after filters.

Two Spray Booths - Waterborne and Solvent

Spray Gun Washer – Cleaning of Spray Guns using clean water or water–based solvents devoid of inflammable components.

Stripping and Assemble area – Fitted with tool trolleys and 2 post hoist, lockable trolleys for safekeeping of vehicle body parts.